Dineo Ranaka posts nudes on Instagram


Dineo Ranaka knows just the right buttons to push to trend! The radio personality posted an image of herself in the nude when she was 5 months pregnant with her third born baby.

Dineo is now a mother of three and she still has a stunning body, which she flaunts whenever she gets the chance to. The radio DJ and music producer took to Instagram to share a nude picture of herself when she was pregnant.

In the nude, her private areas are obviously blurred and hidden but you can clearly see that she is not wearing anything. She is standing on rocks at the beach with a protruding belly which according to her carried her 5 month old baby at the time.

She’s not new in the nude sharing business as she announced that she became a mother for the third time, half naked.


When Dineo shared that image she was married but unfortunately she had to end her marriage before it could reach a year. She shared a meme which spoke about abuse and how abusers want you to believe that the initial abuse is not the problem, but how you respond to the abuse.

News of her marriage ending was revealed by her when she confronted Sechaba Thole, an ex lover,  “F****** getting excited that I got a small little crush on you. I was going through a divorce. I divorced him in less than a year. You come in to my life, three months and you think I’m waiting for your f****** calls? F*** you! I got rid of a n**** in marriage in less than a year because I know what the f*** I want and what I stand for.”

Dineo always prides herself in bein vocal about many issues including social media. She has always received the wrong end of the stick when it comes to social media and she has been vilified numerous times. She has developed thick skin over the years but still maintains she hates social media.

In a WhatsApp message leaked by MacG, she wrote:


“I despise the people who created social media, I truly do. I despise the fact that now the industries we work for, undervalue you if you don’t have social media. It’s a criteria now, a space that fuels misery for many has been now made a criteria. If I told my employers or clients that I am deleting my social media, they would freak out. Not thinking how much the damage it is causing me mentally is making me freak out.

“No one really gives a sh*t about mental wellbeing. Most of the people I have told I am deleting my account have advised me not to because work-this work-that. What about f**n mental health. I hate that space, I freaking hate social media and how we are professionally coerced into having it. I don’t want it my mind can’t handle it,” she apparently wrote on her WhatsApp status. ZAlebs

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