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ZIMCODD denies sponsoring PVO public rejection claims


By Sarah Busangabanye

The Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (ZIMCODD) has distanced itself from state media claims it was clandestinely financing the rejection of the controversial PVO Amendment Bill through bussing and coaching participants to toss the draft law during public hearings in Masvingo.

Parliament is currently holding hearings to gauge citizen opinion on the government sponsored proposed law.

Zimbabwean NGOs have been unequivocal in their rejection of the proposed legislation which seeks to grant the state some powers to pry into their affairs while also subjecting some of their functions to the control of the state.

Amid the tense situation, The Herald recently claimed ZIMCODD has tried to influence opinion against the Bill through offering transport and some incentives to some participants to the hearings in Masvingo.


The Herald claimed one Prosper Tiringindi who was allegedly employed by the NGO was responsible for ferrying people to the hearings.

In a statement, ZIMCODD vehemently denied the claims and further demanded an apology from the publication for what it felt were some unpalatable untruths in the piece.

“It is ZIMCODD’s hope that the Herald Zimbabwe will positively act accordingly and respectfully by way of correcting this anomaly,” said the group.

“ZIMCODD’S members who participated in the public consultation did so out of their own will and there was no monetary incentive as purported by the article.


“The organization will not hesitate to do the needful as the article is smearing its name and image in both print and online media as it should not run a political agenda against the Public Voluntary Organization (PVO) Bill.”

ZIMCODD is a social and economic justice coalition dedicated to facilitating citizen’s involvement in public policy and advocating for socioeconomic policies that are people centered and pro poor.

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