Unrepentant ex-convicts in fresh burglary offences


By Marrian Rushwaya

Three Gweru men who recently returned from prison where they were serving time for other offences have pounced again, this time stealing various household goods worth over US$6 000.

Police in Gweru have recovered the property stolen through unlawful entry and theft in the city.

The goods include some electrical gadgets and groceries valued at US$6 186.

The three suspects have since been arrested over the case and investigations are pending, Midlands provincial spokesperson Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed.


“Zimbabwe Republic Police has arrested three men who terrorised Gweru residents through unlawful entry and theft.

“So far, recovered stolen property includes various electrical gargets and groceries valued at six thousand one hundred and eighty-six United States dollars USD$ 6 186.00,” he said.

According to police, during the period stretching from November 2021 to February this year, the trio of Tafara Mutivavi Sibanda (30) who resides in Mtapa in Gweru, Pilot Simango (29) and Alexander Maswela Masebo Siziba (37) both of Mkoba, Gweru recently released from prison wreaked havoc in Mkoba and Lundi Park residential areas.

The three suspects were breaking into houses stealing electrical gadgets which include television sets, radios, cell phone, microwaves, laptops, blankets and groceries.


Inspector Mahoko said police managed to recover the stolen property, and some have been positively identified by their owners.

“Following the arrest Police managed to recover property which includes nine plasma televisions and groceries. Some of the recovered property has been positively identified by owners,” Inspector Mahoko said.

The suspects were taken to court where they were remanded in custody whilst investigations are in progress.

Inspector Mahoko has urged the residents who may have fallen victim of the thefts to visit the Criminal and investigations Department (CID), Gweru for identification of the outstanding recovered property.

“We call those who might have fallen victims and lost property to these suspects through unlawful entry and theft to visit the (CID), Gweru for identification of the outstanding property,” Mahoko said.

The recovered electrical gadgets include 6 television sets, 3 laptops and 3 cell phones.

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