The first Valentine’s Day is one of hardest days for someone who recently lost their better half.

But friends and family made sure that actress and television producer Connie Ferguson, who lost her husband of 20 years six month ago, never felt alone on this special day.


Jabulani Ngcobo, popularly known as Mr Cashflow, and his social media influencer wife Tumi Links put together a beautiful bouquet of red roses and had it delivered to Connie.

Taking to her Instagram on Monday, The Queen star shared a photograph of the bouquet and wrote: “God really uses people to comfort and heal!


“These are sooooo beautiful, and your message even more so! Thank you and may God guide and protect your union!🙏🏾 Love you guys.❤️”

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In a lengthy Instagram post on Tuesday, Mr Cashflow also expressed his gratitude to the Fergusons for a positive impact on his life.

“The Fergusons celebrated their 17th anniversary in December 2018. My wife and I were cordially invited by Mr Sho,” shared the Durban-based property mogul.


“I still remember it as if it were yesterday … that day had a profound impact on me and helped me become a better man.”

He added: “Ausi Connie, the Ngcobo Family is saying you are not alone. We love you and we have been inspired by your marriage with Mr Sho. He will always remain in our hearts and constantly be in our memories.

“You both changed the game and made many of us feel the importance of love. We are glad you loved the roses. Happy Valentine’s Day once again.”

To which Connie responded: “You guys are just awesome!😍Hubby came through you and other earthly angels yesterday!😂😍 Typical Mr Sho!🤞🏾 Didn’t know how to do things in half measures!🤣

“God is good, and if we remain still and let him work, we see his hand in everything!🙏🏾 Lots and lots of love and blessings to you and your wife.”

In another post, Connie thanked a good friend, Tshego, for another thoughtful gift that was made of a collection of special moments of Ferguson’s family.

“My dear Sis #Tshego, to say this is a most meaningful gift would be an understatement.

“In a few pages, you have managed to summarise what Sho meant and continues to mean to us!

“Memories live forever, and this just makes them that much more tangible! Bless your heart dear Sis.🙏🏾 Love you to the moon and beyond!❤️😘”

Event planner Londy MaZwide sent an arrangement of flowers to brighten Connie’s day.

“Thank you so much for the beautiful roses and for sparing a thought for me today.😍 They definitely brightened my day. God bless and increase you more sis,” said Connie.

Shona died of Covid-19-related complications on July 30.

On January 30, exactly six months after his passing, Connie remember her husband with a sweet tribute.

She wrote: “You have left such a big impression of yourself on me and the girls that you are part of all our conversations.

“Your spirit lives on Sho, and we bless God for walking this journey with us, for strengthening us daily and comforting us in different ways, for the earthly angels who have been supportive of me and my family, physically and in prayer, for the strangers who have been praying for our healing and well-being.

“It is well my love. By God’s grace we are okay. Continue resting in peace my love. Till we are all reunited when it’s our time to be called. I love you forever!”

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