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Teenager bashes cheating mom’s naked cop lover in midnight bedroom drama


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A Beitbridge police officer regrets the day he was born after an enraged 19-year-old son to his lover struck him like a snake with a log when the teenager found the cop in bed with his cheating mother, forcing the man of the law to disappear into the midnight darkness stark-naked.

The police officer, identified as Matare, was said to have been based at Chitulipasi Police Station.

The incident happened some two weeks ago in Chitulipasi area, under Chief Matibe in Beitbridge West.

The boy who took the bold decision to police his father’s bedroom is Mbudzeni Ndou.


His father Khathutshelo is based in South Africa.

Mbudzeni’s younger sister is the one who exposed her mother’s adulterous affair after she discovered some frightening love messages the siblings’ mother with Matare.

After stumbling upon the love messages, the girl blocked Matare and this didn’t go down well with the mother, Hlalani Chauke who assaulted her.

Said a source, “In a fit of anger, the girl told her brother that their mother was cheating on their father was cheating on their father and that she had seen a string of love messages she was exchanging with Matare.


“Mbudzeni went on to alert their father who then instructed him to monitor his mother’s movements.”

Following the tip-off and the licence to monitor his mother from his father, Mbudzeni started trailing his mother and at around mid-night, he saw Matare sneaking into his parents’ bedroom.

“After being holed up in the bedroom for an unusual amount of time, Mbudzeni, who was concerned about what was going on inside, forcibly opened the bedroom door and his suspicions were confirmed when he found the two stark-naked in bed.

“After being busted, the red-faced lovebirds who were nervously shaking reportedly asked for forgiveness.”

Seething with anger, Mbudzeni took a log and struck Matare several times all over the body before he fled from the scene stark-naked.

Matare left his phone which Mbudzeni later took together with his clothes and dumped them at Chitulipasi Police Station.

Mbudzeni confirmed the incident

“Yes, all what you heard it’s true. I can’t say much as I am still struggling to get that disturbing incident,” he said.

Mbudzeni’s father also confirmed the incident.

“It’s true, and when I returned back home last week to solve the issue, I was told the guy (Matare) had been transferred.

“I even approached traditional leaders and I was told it was difficult to solve the matter since the guy had been transferred.

“So, I don’t know what to do. When I met her family, they asked for forgiveness on her behalf, but I am yet to decide what to do,” he said.

The lovebirds were not reachable for comment.

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