Somizi says safer in game park than crime ridden Joburg CBD


The Joburg CBD is notorious for hijackings, murders and other pretty crimes, it’s no wonder media personality and cookbook author, Somizi Mhlongo says he is ’sh** scared’ to be there.

The former “Idols SA“ judge took to Instagram to share a video of him speaking of how scared he was to be in the Joburg CBD and how he would feel safer walking among the lions and snakes in the Kruger National Park.

In the minute long video captioned “Am I the only one who’s terrified of Joburg CBD”, a terrified Somizi said: “Guys, I am in Johannesburg CBD, let me tell you about Johannesburg CDB, it scares the living sh** out of me. It’s as if I did not grow up around here.

“I grew up coming here with my parents. But yoh, I am terrified. So now I’ve stopped before I get to where I am going. I have to collect something urgently. I don’t have a PA with me right now.

“I’ve stopped so that I can put things in the boot, before they see me,” pointing the camera towards his Louis Vuitton shopping bags.


He continued: “I would feel safer walking Kruger National Park, meeting lions and tigers and snakes, than walking here. Never ever. It’s an extreme sport and you always turning and checking around you,“ said Somizi.

Somgaga’s friends, fans and followers shared his sentiments and commented on his post.

Londie London who will soon star in the reality show “The Real Housewives of Durban” said: “😂😂😂I was just talking about this today lol ngiyasaba nami yhooo lol it’s so sad that we are scared of our own people 🥺😭”.

While @montsoft_tech said: “Joburg CBD is the jungle,full of all kinds of apex predators, so you always gotta watch out over there. If you don’t wanna be the next meal you gotta keep your eyes opened…..😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🔥🔥”.


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