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MDC name change in line with Tsvangirai wishes – Chamisa


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Nelson Chamisa, whose party has changed to Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), has denied abandoning late former MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s legacy, insisting the once powerful opposition chief’s ambitions were still secure even after the party he founded and held so dearly has tossed a brand once strongly associated with him.

Chamisa was addressing the media in Harare on Monday to announce “forming” a new political outfit which has a totally new logo, colour, slogan, among other associated identities.

The opposition leader also accused Zanu PF of deploying resources that could easily build an entire city towards fighting his party.

He said his party was being infiltrated by the state.


“Nobody infiltrates an ineffective organisation; what it shows you is that we are a big game changer in this country.

“If you look at the money that has been spent on fighting us and destroying us; but guess what, we are still standing, we have weathered the storm.

“You would build a new town or a new city, just to divert the resources that have been deployed against us.”

Chamisa defended his party’s decision to bury its MDC identity, the brand name once associated with Tsvangirai, to a point of it assuming the late opposition leader’s initials – MDC-T.


But while addressing the media Monday, Chamisa said his party still holds dear, Tsvangirai’s legacy.

“We have not waivered. Some have asked ‘have you abandoned Tsvangirai’s legacy’. Far from it! Tsvangirai’s whispers are still very fresh in my ears and that continues to be the inspiration as we go forward; it’s not about the institution but it’s about hope for the future that we continue to carry,” he said.

The former MDC Alliance will contest the March by-elections under the new party brand CCC.

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