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Look home, let’s deal with the problem – Chamisa plea to Zim diaspora  


By Nkosana Dlamini

Former MDC Alliance leader and now Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) chief, Nelson Chamisa has issued a plea to Zimbabweans abroad to invest time and resources towards reversing their country’s political and economic decay that has seem them hounded to foreign lands where they are least welcome.

Millions of Zimbabweans left Zimbabwe in the past two decades for greener pastures abroad, although many remain attached to the country as they left families behind.

But conditions have not been any rosier for many who have been subjected to horrendous acts of xenophobia, coupled with tough policies invented against migrants, especially Zimbabweans, in neighbouring South Africa and Botswana.

Addressing the media in Harare on Monday to unveil his new party name, Chamisa said the crisis facing Zimbabweans abroad was serious.


He also appealed to the ANC government in South Africa to help Zimbabwe recover from its myriad challenges.

“This is a very serious issue. I am extremely concerned; we are extremely concerned. In fact, we have done a lot of other engagements at governmental level, at party level with the ANC, because it’s the governing party in South Africa, to try and improve their understanding of our situation.

“The immigration crisis we see in the region is evidence, and a demonstration, a manifestation of the sickness in one of the countries in them. Zimbabwe is sick and because Zimbabwe is sick, it caught a cold, the entire region is coughing.

“Let us fix Zimbabwe to have credible elections, to have proper reforms, to have a path to governance so that we pave way for a stable South Africa, for a stable Botswana.


“Zimbabweans would not spend a day any longer if their country is in good shape, if their country is fixed and ofcourse, it’s also a clarion call to Zimbabweans in South Africa, in those neighbouring countries to say, ‘look home, lets deal with the problem, let’s face the challenge, lets fix it, come register to vote, that is the only solution’.

“Yes, we will do whatever is necessary to use our diplomatic muscle which we have in sufficient proportions and capacity to engage the powers, to also understand that Zimbabweans are in a difficult situation; injure one, injure all.

“African solidarity and brotherhood is about looking at Africa as a continent. We believe that we are one Africa, never to be divided by colonial boundaries. Let’s not be victims of colonialism, let’s look at the problem. One Africa, one people! If we are affected in Zimbabwe, we are affected as Africans.”

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