How Chamisa outsmarted ZEC…he reveals stand-off over new party name


By Nkosana Dlamini

Nelson Chamisa, leader of the newly unveiled opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), has revealed how his lieutenants Monday had a stand-off with some stubborn Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) officials who were trying to dismiss CCC as an MDC Alliance offshoot as opposed to a new party altogether.

Chamisa revealed this at a press conference he presided over in Harare on Monday afternoon to announce he now leads CCC.

When party officials visited ZEC earlier to formally inform the election management authority of the new developments, Chamisa said, ZEC officials insisted on “various technical issues”.

These included the opposition officials telling ZEC their party has merely rebranded as opposed it it disbanding and reemerging as a totally new opposition outfit.


The opposition leader said any mention of MDC in their fresh discourse with the controversial electoral authority would unnecessarily return the party into the name battles it has been having it rivals in the past months.

Chamisa explained, “This afternoon, we approached ZEC to give them what they didn’t expect. We are not approaching ZEC as MDC Alliance; we are approaching ZEC as a new organisation. So, they kept on insisting that ‘look, we know you as MDC Alliance’ and we said, ‘who are you to tell us who we are’. We are a new organisation.

“Anybody launches their party anytime in terms of the laws of this country. So, for that reason we are coming as a new entity with a new leadership, with new values, new structures.

“Alas, ‘we want MDC Alliance, tell us that you are rebranding’” Chamisa said of the ZEC officials.


“We are not rebranding, if you know MDC as a brand, please dine with those whom you have given MDC Alliance. We are a new party, nothing to do with the past, nothing to do with the yesterday.

“We are starting afresh. We will build from ground zero, we will defeat them like what we did in 2018.

“They wouldn’t take it, they had meetings after meetings with our senior leadership. We have given then our new logo, we have given them our new name, we have given then our new leadership, we have given them our new thrust, except our strategy.”

Chamisa added, “We don’t understand why ZEC would panic on behalf of our opponent because our competitor is not ZEC its Zanu, yet we know they share a ‘Z’ but let it end there.”

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