Harare car dealers revive Ginimbi spirit, sink US$100 000 in Cape Town bash


By Nkosana Dlamini

Those who thought late socialite, Ginimbi had exclusive rights to expensive white-only parties would hang their heads in shame when they learn that a group of Harare car dealers splurged US$100 000 on a sumptuous five-day birthday bash that was also joined by local rapper, Stunner and South Africa’s DJ Tira in the plush beaches of Cape Town.

Just when the rest turn many times inside their sheets night in and night out agonising on where they would get the next dollar for a decent meal, the dealers were on hand to demonstrate that January disease is not as universal a disease as Covid-19.

The dealers put the Benjamins to work and flew to the South African port city – conveniently far from the madding the crowd – to immense themselves in the trappings of luxury.

There, the ambiance was different. They binged on expensive booze, boat cruises and non-stop music.


The US$100 000 party saw the birthday boy, known as Boss Archie, being entertained by DJ Tira at a joint in the Mother City.

DJ Tira, a noticeable brand in South Africa’s fast and lucrative music circuit, does not come cheap!

Equally, our Stunner, who has made no secret of his taste for class, was not a surprise feature within the entertainment list of the party cats.

The musician was, like his well-heeled hosts, decked out in white overalls for the trip to South Africa.

Stunner, far left, was part of the team of entertainers

Ginimbi, as the late socialite was affectionately known, popularised the throwing of expensive, white-only parties.

It was not by any surprise that he died in a car crash moments from exiting his plush Harare joint after enjoying another expensive party 8 November 2020.

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