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Rigging saga: Mkono blasts CiZC for ‘itching ego’, mulls court remedy


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Defiant activist Pride Mkono has blasted Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CiZC) for “itching ego” while threatening to escalate to the national courts, his bid to have Peter Mutasa’s recent election as the prominent civil society group’s chairperson reversed for alleged rigging.

Mutasa outpolled Samuel Wadzayi in a recent virtual vote cast among 49 of the 87 representatives of the group, registering 26 against his challenger’s 23.

But the poll by an organisation known for flagging government over alleged rigging also found itself mired In the same dirt with the Wadzayi camp strongly claiming the outcome was manipulated in favour of the former ZCTU president.

Mkono, the Youth Environmental Management and Protection coordinator, has intensified efforts to be granted access to the election residue from the CiZC secretariat.


He in insists the data could prove his claims the election was indeed rigged.

But his efforts have come unstuck as CiZC and Election Resource Centre have ignored earlier correspondence through his lawyers to act on his requests.

The former ZINASU president has since written again to the groups, threatening to escalate his matter with the courts of law.

Said Mkono through his lawyers, Mazima and Company of the Law Chambers, “We make reference to the above-mentioned matter wherein which we are under instructions of our client, at whose instance we write. Kindly take note of our professional interest herein.


“Our client has advised us that he served you its letter on the 13th of January 2022. In the absence of yourselves to furnish our client with the requested information in terms of provisions of the Right to Access of information as enshrined and protected in the Constitution of Zimbabwe (No. 20) Act it is impossible for him to note his appeal his appeal to the Board as provided for in terms of Proviso 19.2 of the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition.

“As such, we note with turmoil and tenacity, itching ego on yourselves in refusing to resolve the matter amicably, and lastly and obviously ofcourse, your attitude towards our client to the extent that he cannot find internal remedies through an appeal which can only be filed in the strict four corners of the record.

“Consequent to the foregoing, be advised that our client hereby notify yourselves its intention to seek redress in terms of Section 85 (1) of the Constitution of Zimbabwe as read with Section 68 of the same and Section 4 of the Administrative Justice Act (Chapter 10:28).

“Govern yourselves accordingly.”

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