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Ncube reveals Tsvangirai, MDC military gag over Mugabe coup


By Nkosana Dlamini

MDC Alliance vice president Welshman Ncube has made astonishing revelations the main opposition received chilling direct threats from the military not to publicly condemn the 2017 coup against former President Robert Mugabe if they did not want to bring trouble upon themselves.

Ncube was a guest in AMH owner, Trevor Ncube’s Heart and Soul TV platform, The Conversations with Trevor.

Mugabe and family were held captive on the night of 14 November 2017 by the then Constantino Chiwenga led military which was keen on smoke screening the coup as an operation that was meant to rid the now late former leader of corrupt allies who allegedly took advantage of his advanced age to commit corruption offences to the detriment of the nation.

When the coup was announced on national television, the Zimbabwean media was also ordered to “report responsibly”, itself another threat not to touch the wrong keys on their computers during reportage.


Ncube said when the coup was still fresh, the main opposition had a meeting of the MDC Alliance at Tsvangirai’s house which he was chairing.

“Tsvangirai (now late) was already unwell; he was in the house, but he was not in the meeting,” he said.

“A call came through. We were about to do a press conference. Obviously, these people were connected.

“Some people who were with us were in direct contact with people who were carrying out the coup.


“A call came through. Tsvangirai’s PA said I must come and take that call.

“The person introduced themselves as Lieutenant General so and so, and said ‘whatever you do, do that press conference, ‘if for one second, you condemn what we are doing, we will be there and you will not like our boot’.

“So, I put the phone down went back and said, ‘guys this is the call that we just got’.”

Ncube argued the coup, for all its ostensible purposes of freeing citizens from the clutches of a dictatorial leader, was a fallacy in itself as Zimbabweans remain hostage to the same military.

“If it was an act of liberating us, it would not have started for me personally with that threat. The very fact that there was that threat told you that there was nothing good was going to come out,” he said.

Ncube said real freedom shall ever remain elusive under the Zanu PF regime in Zimbabwe.

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