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LOOK: Twitter mischief makers pull out Java ‘lookalikes’


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Creative Twitter users have pulled out a couple of Passion Java lookalikes in apparent acts of mockery towards police claims they were still searching for clues on the identity of a “man” pictured wearing a police uniform hat at the expense of its bemused owner also seen in the image.

The controversial preacher and socialite is under-fire for snatching the hat of an unidentified but noticeable female police officer he had encountered at an unknown spot not too long ago and playfully taking an image of himself while wearing it.

The image, which has gone viral, has torched a social media protest among some locals who feel Java should be arrested for the offence.

Feeling the pressure, police on Thursday did not help matters through claims they were investigating the incident of the “man” wearing the police hat.



“The Zimbabwe Republic Police has taken note of a photo circulating on social media in which a female Police officer is seen standing next to a man wearing a Police hat,” police said, much to the anger of Twitter users who felt they were deliberately trying to protect the larger-than-life preacher who has been pictured hobnobbing with President Emmerson Mnangagwa before.

But while some felt irritated by the rude police response, other Twitter users saw the opportunity to make fun of the situation, pulling out a few Java lookalike images ostensibly to exonerate the police from claims they could not indeed positively identify the real character on the picture.

@GeneralHwidzzo pulled the image of Chelsea star Antonio Rudiger.
“People who are claiming that it’s Passion Java, what about Rudiger Chelsea defender. Wake up Zimbos,” he said.


@TheAfricanDNA also pulled his own image he felt was a Java lookalike.





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