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Java mischief: Police say investigating ‘man’ wearing police hat


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Police have finally given in to public pressure to respond to Prophet Passion Java’s mischief but chose to misfire by telling all and sundry they were investigating the image a “man” wearing a female police uniform hat.

The controversial preacher and socialite this week set social media buzzing with demands for his arrest after he was pictured gayly putting on the hat.

A visibly uncomfortable hatless police officer clutching her poorly plaited hair also appears on the image.

It is an offence under the Police Act for a civilian to wear a full or part of a police uniform without the authority of the Police Commissioner General.


Zimbabweans are up in arms Java, a larger than life praise singer to President Emmerson Mnangagwa, should be subjected to the same laws that have seen the rest of the citizens face daily.

However, police continue to dither on any possible arrest of the showy preacher.

In a comment via their official twitter handle Thursday, police said they were still investigating the matter and will soon release a statement on the matter.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police has taken note of a photo circulating on social media in which a female Police officer is seen standing next to a man wearing a Police hat.


“Investigations are underway and a detailed statement will be issued after completion of Investigations,” police said.

But unconvinced Twitter users were quick scold the law enforcement agency for apparent double standards on the matter.

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