Passion Java strips female cop

Zimstar News

Controversial preacher and socialite Passion Java has appeared in an image in which he is seen putting on a police uniform hat lifted from the head of a puzzled female officer, in violation of the law.

The unidentified but visibly uncomfortable cop also appears on the image clutching her poorly plaited hair.

It is illegal for one to put on a full or piece of a police uniform when they are not members of the force.

However, Java, a praise singer for President Emmerson Mnangagwa, seems to be enjoying immunity from the police.

Java has had several roadshows around the country in vehicle convoys which have seen crowds gather around him even when large gatherings have been outlawed as part of government’s Covid-19 prevention measures.

In some of the instances, Java has been accompanied by police bike riders, treatment often reserved for VIPs.

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