Hip hop artist feels underrated, pleads for support


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Bulawayo based hip hop artiste and producer, Mahcoy says he feels let down by the local arts industry that has failed to recognise his efforts as a musician.

Speaking to Zimstar Showbiz Saturday, Mahcoy, real name Trevor Sibanda, lamented that he has been producing music for nearly a decade but “success has been so slow”.

“Things are not working as swift as is the case with other artistes in the country,” he said.

“There are some things I long to have in life but the fact that no one would be supporting you, that is why it is getting so slow.”


The Ndinofamba naJesu chanter, who refused to disclose his age, attributed his unyielding career to the genre that he has chosen for himself.

“I think what makes success elusive could also be linked to the genre that I am doing.

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“Hip hop in Zimbabwe is underrated. People are used to traditional stuff like music done by legends.

“You would find some of our hip hop artistes are relocating to other countries with people who appreciate hip hop.”


Mahcoy said he felt underrated as his name has never been mentioned among award nominees for artistes who have excelled in their act in past years.

He adds, “Some of the people you see on the nominees list of Zim hip hop awards are not even doper than I. I believe I deserve something.”

The artiste made a passionate plea for support from music lovers.

“All I am asking for is support from everyone. Please.

“I need your help. I have been in this music industry for a decade, but I feel like I am still new. I need your help. Without you guys, I am not going anywhere, without you guys, a cool life can’t come,” he says.

But despite his lack of success in a trade he so much loves, Mahcoy is still determined to continue trying.

“I will nonetheless keep pushing and pushing my goal,” he says, adding that he is launching a studio this year.

His ambition is to collaborate with local dancehall musicians Freeman, Nutty O and Flame from SA.

He says he is currently working on a seven-song album he plans to release not later than May this year.

Mahcoy is contactable on 0780921722. Social media handles are; Instagram: @mahcoyzim Twitter; @mahcoyzimbabwe, Facebook @Mahcoy Zim, YouTube @Mahcoy Music Online, SoundCloud @Mahcoy

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