DJ Mbale disses own balding head, likens it to disability


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Popular StarFM radio presenter, DJ Mbale has made fun of his balding head which he likened to a form of disability, adding that he was disappointed the hair loss was ironically not consistent with his poor financial status.

“I am developing a balding head, but I have no penny to my name. I am still poor and earning in RTGS,” he ranted during a 6-9pm show he was hosting Saturday.

Zimbabweans often associate men’s balding heads and a protruding stomachs with riches.

The Mangungundengu Boss, as he calls himself, said his hair loss made him easily identifiable in public as strangers could pick him out when he misbehaved by jumping queues.


“People would say Nyamhanza apindira (the man with a balding head has jumped the queue),” he said, adding, somewhat despairingly, “I am due to turn 35 this coming week and I am already developing a balding head.”

Mbale said, tongue-in-cheek, he considered his balding head as a form of disability adding that he was considering featuring as a guest on Siphathisiwe Mpofu’s weekly StarFM programme, Disability Factor, to share his frustrations about his “disability”.

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Listeners who saw the funny side of his lamentations responded in their own hilarious way through WhatsApp text with someone inviting him to a group formed among people with balding heads.

Mbale said in response, “I am surprised there is such a group existing. I should in fact consider joining it. I don’t know what position I should take in the group; maybe becoming hairfood chairman would do.”


One listener told the presenter not to despair as he was not the only poor man with a balding head.

Another listener said he would buy the dancehall presenter a weave.

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