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Sodomy suspect hangs self in police cell


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A 33-year-old shoplifting suspect reportedly hanged himself in a Plumtree police cell after fresh charges of attempted sodomy against a cellmate were opened against him.

Conscious Sibanda was found lying face up on 30 December this past year with the rope around his neck still intact.

Relatives suspect he might have been strangled as this was not consistent with a suicide by hanging incident.

They wonder why Sibanda was not found hanging since the rope he is alleged to have used to hang himself was not broken.


Talent Sibanda, a relative to the deceased, confirmed the family’s suspicions.

“There was some kind of foul play in the whole exercise. Something is not adding up and this is very worrisome.

“Apparently, they (police) are hiding something from us,” Talent said.

A post-mortem was conducted at UBH in Bulawayo on Tuesday but results are not yet known.


Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident.

“We are investigating the death of the suspect in police cells. There are reports that he tried to sodomise his cellmates. We are investigating those allegations,” Nyathi said.

Conscious had been arrested for shoplifting but things took a turn for the worse when he allegedly tried to sodomise a man he shared a cell with.

He is said to have killed himself after allegations of sodomy were laid against him.

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