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Govt postpones school opening for 2022 Form Ones


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Government has deferred schools opening for 2022 Form Ones to a date yet to be announced owing to the delay in the release of 2021 Grade 7 results, a prerequisite in the securing of places for Form One.

In a statement Thursday, the Primary and Secondary Education ministry said school opening dates for examination classes shall proceed 3 January with the rest of the Grades opening 10 January as initially planned.

“The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education would like to inform the nation and its stakeholders that only 2021 Ordinary and A level candidates with outstanding examination components will be going to back with effect from Monday 3 January 2021 for the purposes of continuing with the examination process,” said the ministry.

“Due to the pending processing and finalisation of the 2021 Grade 7 examination process, the 2022 Form 1 cohort of learners will have their opening date deferred until Grade 7 national results are released.”


The Ministry further said schools are going to start offering Form One boarding school places once the Grade 7 results have been released.

“Parents and guardians who wish to send their children to boarding schools are advised to apply on the Ministry’s electronic platform www.emap.co.zw.

“The selection of learners for both boarding and day schools will be done by school heads as soon as Grade 7 results are out.”

The 2021-22 school holiday has been the shortest in a long time following disturbances which were caused by Covid-19 induced school closures.


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