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Family horror as three infants die from pesticide


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Three Inyati minors aged seven, five and one died while their parents were taken to hospital after inhaling some pesticide within the family home on Christmas Day.

Police revealed the tragedy via their official Twitter Wednesday.

Said the police, “On 25/12/21, three female infants aged seven, one and five years died in their sleep whilst their parents, aged 42 and 27 escaped death by a whisker at Jowa Village, Inyati.

“The victims suffocated after their parents had applied Aluminium Phosphide 560TB fumigation tablets on their shelled maize, stored the maize in a storeroom next to their bedroom and went to bed.


“During the night, the victim’s parents developed some health complications and when they checked on their children they discovered that they had already died.

“The victim’s parents later received medical attention through the assistance of neighbours.”

Police warned members of the public to be cautious when using pesticides.


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