Bartender found dead

Zimstar News

A 32-year-old Chitungwiza bar attendant was found dead along a dust road in the dormitory town Monday with police discovering some unidentified substances on his mouth and nose.

In a twit Tuesday, police also reported a suspected murder on a 43-year-old Chitungwiza man who went missing on Christmas day with his lifeless body found the next day with signs of bleeding from the nose and a bruise on the back.

Said the ZRP, “Police in Harare are investigating circumstances surrounding the death of Terence Dondo (32) of St Mary’s Chitungwiza.

“On 27/12/21 at 0600 hours, the victim’s body, who was a bar attendant, was found lying lifeless on a dust road near Huruyadzo Shops, Chitungwiza with some substances on the mouth and nose.

“In a related suspected murder case, the Police are appealing for information surrounding the death of Mberikwazvo Bopoto (43) of Rockview East, Chitungwiza who was reported missing on 25/12/21 and later found dead on 26/12/21 near a well along Hunyani River, Manyame Park, Chitungwiza.

“The victim was bleeding from the nose and had a bruise on the back of the head.”

Police appealed for anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of the suspects to contact them via any nearest station.

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