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ED thanks God for finances to buy Covid-19 vaccines


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President Emmerson Mnangagwa Sunday took time to thank God for giving his government the wisdom and financial resources to source for Covid-19 vaccines which have helped the country tame the raging pandemic.

He was addressing congregants at the 5th edition of the annual service at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair grounds Sunday.

In an address he punctuated with extensive quoting of scripture, Mnangagwa said God “blessed us with the requisite financial resources for vaccine procurement”.

In our response to this pandemic and drawing from Daniel 2 verse 23, today let us also say, ‘I thank and praise you, God: You have given me wisdom and power, you have made known to me what we asked for’. God gave us wisdom, He blessed us with the requisite financial resources for vaccine procurement.”


He praised China, India and Russia for helping the country by donating vaccines towards Covid-19 response.

Zimbabwe is among the continent’s leading lights in terms of vaccination roll-out.

Over 3 million locals have been vaccinated against Covid-19 since the first jab was administered in the country May last year.

Mnangagwa also thanked The Almighty for rains.


“Our nation has continued to enjoy peace and tranquillity; We have been favoured by the Lord with abundant rains and through hard work, we realised an unprecedented harvest which contributed to an upturn in our economy,” he said.

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