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Christmas horror as ZNA soldier shoots four dead, injuries three


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A man suspected to be a serving member of the Zimbabwe National Army Saturday gunned down four people and seriously injured three in Kadoma.

Police confirmed the shock incident via its official Twitter handle Sunday.

The incident, according to police, was sparked by a misunderstanding.

“The ZRP is investigating a shooting incident which occurred at Wanganui Shopping Centre, Turf, Kadoma on 25/12/21 at about 1800 hours, where four people were shot dead while three others were seriously injured after a misunderstanding,” police said.


“It is alleged that an unidentified suspect from Caviga Farm, Kwekwe who was drinking beer at the shopping centre was involved in a brawl with one of the victims before a mob joined in and pursued the suspect. The suspect fired shots in the air & eventually shot seven people.”


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