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Marry calls for Chiwenga travel sanctions


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Marry Mubaiwa, estranged wife to Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, has launched a lone campaign for the top government official to be blocked from entering any country over alleged child abuse.

Mubaiwa accuses Chiwenga of denying her access to the couple’s three children since their messy separation 2019.

She is adamant this was a violation of the minors’ rights which should not be condoned either by the international community.

There are indications the VP intends to travel outside the country with the children, something that has ignited a spirited call by the troubled former model for any world country not to grant entry to Chiwenga.


Mubaiwa took to social media Thursday night to vent her frustrations about the treatment she has received from the VP, posting a series of tweets with almost similar messages.

“Allowing Constantino Chiwenga into any country with my children is accepting human trafficking as they are young children. Are my children still there, I wonder. He is breaking the laws that they put in place and breaking them…” she said.

The former model insists, “my children should not leave the country without my consent” adding, “our airport and immigration must not allow him to exit this country”.

Mubaiwa wants the United Nations Human Rights Council and the International Criminal Court to intervene into her plight.


“UNHRC should not allow VP Chiwenga into any country until he gives me my children. I don’t know if they are still alive or if they are not being abused as he has no time for them. They are below 10years, International Criminal Court must take a look at this and assist,” she says.

She accuses the former military commander of abusing his current status as the country’s Vice President to violate the law.

Chiwenga, on his part, has insisted in court papers that his former wife was having mental health challenges, hence unsuitable to take custody of the couple’s children.

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