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Chiwenga threatens ‘mutoriro drunk’ Chief Murinye who blasted govt corruption


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Vice President Constantino Chiwenga says Chief Murinye of Masvingo who rubbished unbridled corruption within government corridors behaved like a drunkard and should face disciplinary action, and possible dethronement for comments he said were disrespectful of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Speaking while addressing an Annual Chiefs’ Conference in Harare Friday, the former military commander also described Mnangagwa as Munhumutapa he was not going to brook any criticism against.

Chief Murinye was filmed this week condemning high level corruption which went unchecked by authorities.

He suggested the current Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander Philip Valerio Sibanda should spearhead a repeat of the 2017 military coup which toppled late former President Robert Mugabe.


When Mugabe was dethroned, the military insisted it was pursuing the bold action to rid the President of corrupt elements who were abusing his name to loot the national wealth.

Chief Murinye had also warned Mnangagwa would find it difficult to win the 2023 elections if he continued to take a softly approach towards corruption which was resident within government ranks.

But Chiwenga took the occasion of the chiefs meeting to give a chilling threat against the outspoken chief in a warning he also apparently directed at the rest of the traditional leaders of like mind.

Chiwenga said Chief Murinye will be investigated and dethroned for his viral anti-corruption speech.


“We have one Munhumutapa (Cde ED), we have one leader and it is that leader we give respect. It is that leader we show the entire nation what respect is all about.

“So, what has been done by Chief Murinye is going to be investigated by the Ministry of Local Government and the chiefs’ council and if found guilty, disciplinary action would be taken.

“This is Zim. I thought I should say this, I respect Munhumutapa and no one touches him as long as I live.”

VP Chiwenga said Chief Murinye behaved like someone who had taken Mutoriro (crystal meths).

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