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Girl (5) murdered; body parts scattered on mountain


…Woman kills baby with boiled water

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A five-year-old girl who was reported missing early this month, was Friday found dead on a mountain in Nyanga, with body parts scattered at the scene of the crime.

Police revealed the shock incident via its Twitter handle Sunday.

Said the police, “The ZRP is investigating circumstances surrounding a murder case in which remains of a five-year-old female juvenile were found on a mountain in Nyanga on 10/12/21, with some body parts seen scattered at the scene of crime.

“The victim, who had been reported missing on 4/12/21, was last seen in company of a male suspect (38) walking towards the suspect’s residence.”


Police appealed for anyone with information on what could help investigations into the matter to come forward.

Meanwhile, in another incident, a 33-year-old Nkayi woman faces infanticide after she allegedly killed her nearly born baby by pouring hot water on its stomach.

Said the ZRP through Twitter, “Police in Nkayi arrested Silibaziso Mpofu (33) for a case of infanticide which occurred at Dobhani Village, Gwelutshena on 06/12/21.

“The suspect gave birth to a baby boy and killed the infant by pouring boiled water onto the infant’s stomach.


“She then dug a shallow pit in her yard and buried the body.”

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