Mangwana says fuel crisis to end Tuesday

Zimstar News

Government spokesperson and Information permanent secretary Nick Mangwana says the seemingly unfolding fuel crisis in the country will be over by this coming Tuesday.

Zimbabwean motorists were this week shocked to find fuel stations had run out of the essential petroleum product with long queues now beginning to form at a lot of service stations.

According to observations by Zimstar News, petrol is more scarce than diesel.

Amid the confusion, Mangwana has moved to allay fears of a recurrence of the 2019 fuel crisis that saw millions spend days and nights in queues to access fuel.

In a tweet Saturday, Mangwana attributed the current situation to a scheduled maintenance programme in Beira, Mozambique.

“There has been a disruption in the fuel supply chain due to a scheduled maintenance program at Beira. This is now complete and we expect the petrol backlog to start clearing from the end of today into Monday and Tuesday. The inconvenience to the public is noted and regretted,” he said.

Zimbabwe’s imported fuel is transported through Beira Sea port.

Since government allowed dealers to trade the product in US dollars, there have been no queues for fuel sold in hard currency.

Currently, US dollar fuel sales have also been affected.

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