Home raid gone wrong as 3 robbers gunned down

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A Harare home robbery by five men backfired Monday evening when three of the suspects were ruthlessly gunned down in a reported shootout with the homeowner.

The homeowner has been identified as Joseph Nemaisa, a Harare lawyer and former police detective once attached to a crack team that hunted down and accounted for notorious criminals in the capital city.

Police revealed the incident via their official Twitter Tuesday.

“The ZRP reports an armed robbery case at a house in Chadcombe, Harare on 06/12/21 at around 2045 hours, where three suspects were shot dead while two others escaped. The robbers attacked a family, took away US$850, Samsung cellphone and a shotgun.

“The complainant’s husband came and engaged into a shootout with the suspects.”

Police said they are going to release more details around the incident.

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