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Government threats to withhold wages from civil servants who dodge Covid-19 vaccination seems to have paid dividends as 99 percent of the 300 000 strong public workforce has since been jabbed.

According to the official Public Service Commission schedule, the vaccination drive has seen figures of between 99,57 for Midlands (lowest) to 99.96 for Mashonaland Central, highest, being recorded.

Public Service Minister Paul Mavhima told the media the tough policy stance still stood.

“By getting vaccinated, it means those who interact with our workers are now protected from the deadly coronavirus and the workplace will also be a safer place.


“However, those who are not yet vaccinated are being encouraged to do so because our no vaccination, no pay policy still stands,” he said.

Government in September decreed compulsory vaccination for civil servants through Statutory Instrument 234 which stipulated all public service employees should get vaccinated by 15 October this year or face disciplinary action.

“Provided that if the head of the Ministry or head of department is satisfied that any member of the public service who is employed in that ministry or department has a reasonable excuse for not being fully vaccinated by the 15th of October 2021 (which excuse shall be recorded in writing and promptly notified by the head concerned) may in relation to that member extend the vaccine mandate to no later than 31 December, 2021,” read the SI.

Workers groups slammed the use of threats on what was earlier introduced as a voluntary process.


Government is keen to get at least 60 percent of the national population vaccinated by end of the year.

Health and Child Care deputy minister John Mangwiro told parliament this past week the inoculation drive has notched a remarkable 40 percent mark with the newly introduced vaccination roll-out on 16-17 year-olds expected to help accelerate the process towards the much desired herd immunity of 60 percent.

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