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Govt mulls third jab against Covid-19


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Government is conducting scientific studies especially on locals who took their Covid-19 jab earlier than the rest to see if there is need to introduce a third dose into the country’s vaccination drive.

This was revealed by Health and Child Care deputy minister John Mangwiro (pictured) while responding to Magwegwe legislator Anele Ndebele who had asked during parliament’s question and answer session Wednesday if the country was ever considering a booster shot for the early birds.

Mangwiro said the country will rely on scientific findings from the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe to determine if there shall be need for a third dose.

“We are in the process of assessing people like him (Ndebele) who have been vaccinated much earlier to see the level of their antibodies, their humoral immunity to see how far it is with the vaccines that we gave out at the beginning of the year much earlier.


“So after this, we will make an announcement to say we may give booster doses or not because we are still going through the data and looking at people who got their vaccines much earlier and see what is happening, then we will make an announcement early to say people can go for their booster doses, but we are still looking at the cases since we need to sit down as scientists.”

He added, “So people must just be a bit patient while we go through the motion of making sure that we are giving the third jab vaccine at the correct time to the correct time gap and timelines.”

Covid-19 is still a fairly new disease which is still undergoing studies by scientists with the vaccine being the first step towards to containing the world calamity.

Zimbabwe has been one of the leading African countries to embrace vaccination with 40 percent out of a targeted minimum of 60 percent of the population now inoculated.


Government is keen to reach the target by end of the year.

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