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Zanu PF not corrupt, says Mliswa


“Musangano ndouziva hauna mbavha, asi vanhu ndivo mbavha”

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Norton MP Temba Mliswa has distanced the ruling Zanu PF from acts of dishonesty in the distribution of state sourced agro-based inputs to farmers, telling fellow legislators Wednesday President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s party is not corrupt.

Mliswa, a former Zanu PF MP, was speaking during parliament’s question and answer session Wednesday.

The former Mashonaland West provincial chair asked leader of government business and Justice Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi if he knew of some uncouth individuals who were abusing Zanu PF’s name to solicit for financial gain from the scheme.

Said the lawmaker, “Minister, are you aware that there are instructions from Zanu PF not to release inputs unless a Zanu PF official sign? I say so because I know Zanu PF does not do that but there are people now using the name of the party.


“It is important that you come out and make it very clear that it is not the position because it seems as if the inputs scheme is being politicised, yet these are public funds that we voted for here.

“I therefore urge that a Ministerial Statement be issued so that these inputs are not politicised.”

Mliswa said these were “presidential inputs for all Zimbabweans and GMB managers are scared to release them because they are saying tinodzingwa, mayouth emusangano ari kuuya”.

“Not only that, there are some of us legislators who are willing to give free transport to our farmers but again, there seems to be a group of rowdy youths who then demand money when these inputs are being offloaded.


“Can you also make sure that the police accompany these as honourable Minister of Home Affairs is here because it would help? It is not giving the party and the Government a good name? Makoronyera anyanya, ndipo pavanowana mari muzita remusangano. Musangano ndouziva hauna mbavha, asi vanhu ndivo mbavha. I know the party and it is not corrupt, but people are putting the party’s name into disrepute.  Clear the party’s name by making an important statement.”

Ziyambi, in his response, insisted the Presidential Input Scheme “does not need mediators”.

“It involves the President, GMB and beneficiaries who are the farmers. GMB is given the list by villagers who are the farmers and councillors.

“There is no politics in that. This scheme does not need anyone to assist. No individual politician or any ordinary individual is expected to come in-between.”

Ziyambi added, “GMB should take inputs to wards in the country and then farmers collect from the wards. Farmers should know that there is a Presidential Scheme so that they are able to farm.

“It is a Presidential Scheme, I repeat. If there is a councillor who brings a lorry and wants to assist farmers, that is not allowed – no one is allowed to be part and parcel of the programme except for GMB, the President and the farmers.

“GMB and AREX officials are the only ones who are allowed to be seen being part of this process.”

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