Court interpreter seeks assistance to undergo surgery

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A Chitungwiza court interpreter has placed a public appeal for financial assistance from well wishers to undergo an operation for a jaw tumour he says is causing him both physical and emotional pain.

Lawrence Taonezvi Mubvumbi (35), is employed by the Judicial Service Commission and works from Chitungwiza Magistrate’s Court.

“I have a tumour on my jaw and the doctors call it ameloblastoma, it’s a swelling that takes place on the jaw and results in it hardening. The only remedy is to remove the whole jaw so says the doctor,” said the court official in his appeal, also shared on social media.

Mubvumbi says he only earns a monthly salary of RTGS $20 000 which is only enough for his living expenses.

He adds, “The cost of the surgery is estimated at US$10 000, my plea is if I could find a well-wisher to help me have the surgery done because physically, emotionally and mentally I am in pain.”

His banking details are Lawrence Taonezvi Mubvumbi, CBZ Rusape Branch, Account number 10223314790013. His ecocash number is 0773312226.

Posting on Twitter Friday, Zengeza West legislator Job Sikhala urged locals to support the court official overcome his health nightmare.

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