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Wedza community group seeks to ‘depoliticise’, educate members on national budget


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The Wedza Residents Development Initiative Trust (WERDIT) has embarked on an exercise to educate community members on the national budget, detach the economic blueprint from politics while also collecting their views on where they felt government should locate priorities in the 2022 budget.

Following the exercise, the group came up with a position paper incorporating their wishes, key among them being health and transport needs, road and IT infrastructure as well as electricity and water.

The community-based group said the need to embark on the exercise “was informed by the realisation that residents generally lack knowledge on issues to highlight in the context of the budget”.

“In the same vein, WERDIT mobilised residents to go in their numbers to deliberate on their budget needs with parliament regardless of their political backgrounds and affiliations,” said the group.


The group added, “As WERDIT, we anticipate to see inputs from its constituencies being consolidated into the national budget.

“Citizens are happy to see their concerns being given the recognition and consideration they deserve.

“In the past, many citizens have tended to boycott government processes because they felt the consultations are done merely to fulfil and satisfy constitutional requirements.

“It is against this background, that WERDIT, sought to educate citizens and assure them, that the process is not a political game but a process that defines a policy that stipulates allocations of funds for various economic activities to be undertaken by government for year 2022.


“This process culminates in a policy formulation tool (national budget) to inform and guide government expenditures for 2022.”

Until lately, issues around civic education have been associated with politics by some politically insecure leaders.

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