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WATCH: Teacher who bashed student caught in another bust-up with ZESA employee


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A Harare school teacher who was this week caught on video violently attacking a male student has been caught in another video again attacking a ZESA employee.

Michael Freeman Chingwaru (39), a teacher at Einstein Tuition Centre, has been arrested for the abuse on the student.

In the video, Chingwaru is seen incessantly whipping the unidentified 18-year-old male learner with his trousers belt, headbutting and punching him in the shock classroom drama.

It has however turned out the contemptible act is not all about a teacher just going beyond any acceptable boundaries to discipline a learner but could be a man with his own anger issues following him everywhere.


In the latest video, Chingwaru is seen holding what looks like a hoe and charging at a ZESA employee who had called at his home to do his job which the teacher so evidently is not pleased with.

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