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MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has taken a dig at President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s perceived lack of eloquence and charisma which the opposition leader said did not match those of the incumbent’s late predecessor Robert Mugabe.

Chamisa said this Friday as he continued with his Masvingo tour to interface with community leaders, villagers in attempts to reignite his charge to win the 2023 elections.

The opposition leader boasted he could beat Mnangagwa cleanly if a snap poll was to be called.

“That brother of mine who likes wearing a scarf [Mnangagwa], I can beat him [electorally] in broad daylight. Mugabe would at least confuse people with English, but this one, he can’t. He also can’t read, he has no vision. He’s unpopular, he has no friends,” he said.


During his heyday, Mugabe was admired by both allies and rivals for speeches he delivered with flawless oratory often tinted with a British accept.

Even during the UN General Assembly, Mugabe’s speeches were an attraction as the late former leader often ditched out facts with amazing panache.

The case has not been the same with his predecessor who is not so known for word but behind the scenes political scheming.


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