Cop manning roadblock dies in vehicle pile-up

Zimstar News

A Zimbabwe Republic Police officer died from serious injuries sustained at a Harare roadblock Saturday when he was struck by one of the cars involved in an ugly vehicle pile-up caused by a speeding bus driver.

Police revealed the tragic incident in a tweet Monday.

Said the police, “The ZRP warns motorists against speeding especially when approaching checkpoints and rdblocks. This follows a fatal RTA which occurred on 2/10/21 (0503 hrs) at a Police rdblock near Ushewekunze turn off, along S Mazorodze Rd, where a police officer manning the rdblock died.

“A man (26) driving a Yutong bus failed to stop at the roadblock due to speeding and hit a Toyota Hiace vehicle which in turn collided with a Honda Fit vehicle.

“As a result, the Toyota Hiace vehicle swerved and knocked down a police officer, who later died upon admission at Sally Mugabe Hospital.”

Police did not reveal the name, sex and age of their deceased workmate.