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July Moyo angers ED for delivering birthday present laced with juju – Jonathan Moyo


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Former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo has made astounding claims Local Government Minister July Moyo got into trouble with President Emmerson Mnangagwa for attempts to use juju against the incumbent.

In a Twit Tuesday, Moyo, who is often accurate with the goings on within government and Zanu PF power corridors, said the minister, an ally of long to Mnangagwa, was trying to perform a ritual that would enable him to succeed Mnangagwa.

The exiled former cabinet minister said July Moyo bought some shoes from Turkey which were latter treated to some black magic by a witchdoctor and was instructed to pass them to Mnangagwa as a birthday present.

Mnangagwa was celebrating his 78th birthday 15 September last year.


Said Moyo, “JULY MOYO IN A FIX WITH ED: In 2020 he saw a N’anga on how to succeed ED; was advised to buy shoes; he got them in TURKEY; N’anga put juju on shoes and asked July to give ED as B/Day gift. Plot leaked to ED’s N’anga. July delivered shoes in Kwekwe & all OCCULTIC HELL BROKE LOOSE!”


Jonathan Moyo is seen familiar with how the two politicians behave outside media cameras, having all been part of the ill-fated 2004 alleged succession stunt fronted by the former Tsholotsho lawmaker ostensibly to benefit Mnangagwa, who was a minister then.

Robert Mugabe, then President, reacted angrily to the alleged coup plot, commonly known among Zimbabweans as the Tsholotsho declaration.

Zimbabwean politicians are known for using juju to boost their chances of ascending to top leadership positions.

Mugabe once accused his former deputy Joice Mujuru of attempts to use sorcery to dethrone him.

Mnangagwa, likewise, has also been accused by Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao of sponsoring a bid to have his predecessor exhumed in the belief the once fierce ruler was buried with a mystic scepter, or “tsvimbo yaMambo” in the Shona language, that would give him commanding authority as a leader.

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