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China fingers Western countries for causing suffering among Africans


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China has accused western countries of visiting “countless tragedies” and a introducing a “poisonous legacy” on Africa through slavery, colonialism and killings.

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Information Department deputy director and spokesperson Zhao Lijian told Chinese media during the 48th session of the Human Rights Council, that “a few Western countries including the US owe numerous historical debts”.

Said the Chinese top official, “Through slavery, trans-Atlantic slave trade, colonialism, expulsion and slaughter of indigenous peoples, these countries made their fortune and amassed initial funds for capital development.

“In the process, they caused countless tragedies. It is even more poignant that the former colonies, ethnic minorities and indigenous peoples that the former colonies, ethnic minorities and indigenous peoples that were sacrificed by colonialism in the old days are now still victims of its poisonous legacy.


“They suffer from economic exploitation and systemic racial discrimination and could not benefitted from colonialism should show the political will and courage to shoulder responsibility for their historical crimes and remove the negative impact of colonialism.

“The international community should take the coming decade as an opportunity to jointly eliminate poisonous legacies of colonialism, promote and protect human rights and uphold international justice.”

Lijian however did not comment on how the Chinese influence on the African continent has had its own disadvantages.

Chinese investors are regarded as shrewd, often in constant disregard for labour rights in countries they would be operating in.


In Zimbabwe, Chinese investors have clashed with some villagers for allegedly grabbing communal lands for mining purposes.

Former President Robert Mugabe once accused Chinese firms of spiriting away billions of US dollars’ worth of diamonds from Marange in Manicaland province.

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