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Global DNA fumes over ban claim, hints on legal showdown with Medical Council


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Global DNA Zimbabwe, famed for exposing cheating mothers who would have sired children with boyfriends, has hinted on a legal showdown with the Medical Laboratory and Clinical Scientists Council of Zimbabwe (MLCSCZ) following issuance of a statement Friday suggesting the operations of the entity were illegal.

In a statement Saturday, Global DNA took pain to reassure the public its operations were above board, adding that results produced through the scientific process were genuine.

Said the company, “In the Interim, Global DNA also would like to dispel the rumours that we have been banned from operation.

“We received communication from the Council dated 17 September 2021 and we are in communication with the Council to provide the necessary documentation they have since requested.


“We also would like to highlight that at the time of issue of the press release, there was no prior communication or consultation with the Global DNA team and we strongly believe this issue would have been resolved without causing unnecessary alarm within the general public.”

Global DNA, popularised by StarFM’s Tilda Moyo’s ‘I want to know’ programme which exposes cheating mothers every Tuesday night.

The DNA reveal shows hosted by Tinashe Mugabe of Global DNA and Jane of Expedite DNA Zimbabwe have also been popular online.

In its statement Friday, MLCSCZ said the shows by the two were in violation of the ethical conduct of the profession which do not allow the revealing of the test results to third parties.


MLCSCZ said Mr Tinashe Mugabe and jane are not qualified nor competent to issue those test results”.

In its statement Friday, Global DNA took time to “reassure all our clients of the legality and accuracy of obtained DNA results”.

Added the company, “As such, we would like to reassure stakeholders that we are seeking legal recourse and we will issue a detailed press statement in due course.”

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