A man defecated in a supermarket freezer before covering his waste with a bag of pizza rolls, leaving a mother to get it on her hands when she reached inside to grab some groceries.

Shirley Wright-Johnson, from Oklahoma City, was at Crest Foods on Sunday with her children when she put her hand into the freezer get a bag of pizza rolls.

She felt something squishy underneath the bag and when she turned it over, she discovered the human waste.

‘I picked up a bag of pizza rolls and there’s literally s**t,’ she told News 4 Oklahoma. ‘I was so disgusted I was almost in tears.


‘I was upset. I was disgusted. I feel like I was violated.’

Moore Police Department confirmed that the feces were human.

Upon checking security camera footage, police saw a man taking photographs of female customers in the store, before walking over to the freezer section.

Lt. Kyle Johnson with the Moore Police Department said: ‘That individual was then observed, went to the cooler section where he proceeded to defecate inside one of the coolers before leaving the business.’


The man can be seen wearing dark jeans and a hoodie with white sneakers as he left the store.

He has not yet been identified, and police are hunting for him.

Wright-Johnson says she alerted store employees immediately after making the disgusting discovery.

She says she then ‘bleached’ her hands and left the store with her children.

She says the kids complained they could smell it the whole way home.

‘All the way home they still were like, “Mom, I can smell it, I can smell it,”‘ she said. ‘I’m like, “I smell it too, baby.”‘

Wright-Johnson says Crests corporate offices only offered her some steaks to make up for her disgusting experience.

The Moore Police Department are currently investigating and have been requested for comment.

Crest Foods Oklahoma refused to comment on the incident when contacted by

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