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Government spokesperson Nick Mangwana says soon to be launched Chiredzi community radio station, Avuxeni FM shall be spared any political interference adding that its establishment is meant to champion the aspirations of the targeted community.

Mangwana was speaking to state media during a Friday visit to the station.

“We are using this as a pilot programme where we will learn lessons from launching this. We have discovered that the big challenge is communities are finding it difficult to engage the cooperate community.

“The community station is not a political tool for anybody and the law is clear that we are not doing politics, we are doing community development and that’s what the content should be about,” said Mangwana, who is information ministry permanent secretary while speaking to state media Friday.


The Zanu PF led government has kept a tight rein on the country’s broadcasting space with licences issued to media companies and individuals with close links to the ruling party.

In turn, the stations have often spared government the close scrutiny that is often accorded to it by private media.

In a difficult economic era when ordinary citizens struggle to put a modest meal on the table, the purchase of newspapers has remained outside the priorities of many.

Radio and television, which has been affordable to many, have been the main source of information for the majority, hence government’s apparent monopoly on the airwaves.


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