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ED plots MDC urban, social media siege


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President Emmerson Mnangagwa has challenged his Zanu PF party to work around the clock to recover urban constituencies lost to the opposition MDC some two decades ago.

He was addressing party officials during a Zanu PF politburo meeting Saturday with a plea to the Zanu PF faithful to also storm social media spaces where the opposition’s technologically savvy urban voting base thrives.

Since formation of MDC in 1999, urban areas have been an MDC fortress with the ruling party consigned to rural constituencies.

Both Zanu PF and the opposition have now set their 2023 election campaign turbines running with their main turf set to become social media communication platforms.


In his address to the party faithful weekend, Mnangagwa heaped blame on his opposition opponents for allegedly running down urban local authorities while bringing hardship to urbanites.

Said the Zanu PF leader, “The opposition has dismally failed our people in urban areas.

“All party wings must therefore work hard to ensure that we mobilise the urban vote for a resounding party victory.

“Our people in urban areas have been short-changed by the opposition parties for too long.”


Mnangagwa added, “Zanu PF will never leave our urban dwellers behind; they too deserve a better quality of life. As a party we fought for those both in urban and rural areas and we must deliver to both.”

Zanu PF has set its sights towards achieving an ambitious five million voter target for 2023.

Mnangagwa urged all wings of his party “to exploit social media as a contemporary tool for political mobilisation”.

“This must see increased dialogue and debates at popularising our party, its ideals and successes as well as the good policies and programmes of government,” he said.

Until recently, Zanu PF has concentrated its mobilisation and communication strategies to physical interaction that have often seen villagers commandeered to rallies either through open threats or material enticements such as food handouts and petty farming implements.

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