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MDC Alliance treasurer David Coltart has described as a “brazen heist”, a government decision to direct $60 million funding to the rival Douglas Mwonzora led MDC Alliance at the expense of the Nelson Chamisa led faction that he is part of.

Government Friday disbursed nearly $60 million to MDC Alliance led by Mwonzora at the expense of the rival MDC which insists to be the legitimate main opposition and thus, eligible to receive the government windfall.

The bonus is part of funds disbursed under the Political Parties Finance Act.

According to a Government Gazette issued Friday by Justice Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi, Zanu PF is receiving $140 060 000 while MDC Alliance gets $59 940 000.


The amount is split based on that Zanu PF got 70.03% of the national vote cast in the 2018 elections while MDC Alliance got 29.97%.

The Zanu PF led government has however chosen to direct the funds to its weaker opponent in MDC Alliance led by Mwonzora.

That was enough to alter Coltart’s mood who responded by issuing a series of tweets slamming the move.

“This is a brazen heist of taxpayers’ money and a total breach of the Political Parties Finance Act. That money should have come into the bank account controlled by me as the elected Treasurer General of the MDC Alliance, not the account controlled by (Tapiwa) Mashakada who lost to me,” Coltart said.


He added in another tweet, “The small matter of the payment being due to @mdczimbabwe of course won’t worry the charlatans in the MDC T. Everyone of them should hang their heads in shame. This goes against every last thing Morgan Tsvangirai, Gibson Sibanda and all our late heroes stood for.”

Government announced this week Zimbabwe has received US$961 million in IMF special drawing rights set to be directed mainly towards propping up the country’s unstable currency.

Coltart said the decision to share government funds between Zanu PF and Mwonzora’s MDC was inspired by the IMF windfall.

“So in the same week the @IMFNews in essence gives ZANUPF US$ 1 billion with no strings attached, ZANUPF arranges to transfer Z$60 million due to @mdczimbabwe to ZANUPF’s surrogate MDC T. And the international community remains mute,” he said.

On Friday, Mwonzora and his allies issued a statement insisting they are the rightful MDC Alliance.

The faction warned the Chamisa led MDC Alliance to “cease forthwith” the “abuse” of the opposition brand.

Coltart said the statement was calculated at positioning itself (Alliance-Mwonzora) to receiving the funds.

“What a pathetic statement – no doubt the signatories will also now get some of their grubby paws on the Z$60 million loot paid out today. No doubt the timing of the statement was carefully coordinated with Zanu PF to justify the payment today. #shameful,” he said.

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