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The copyright row between popular Zimdancehall chanter Winky D and Magamba Network is now behind the parties who have finally settled the matter “amicably”.

Winky D, real name Wallace Chirumiko, in May last year sued Magamba Network for US$12,000 claiming illegal use of his song, ‘Parliament’.

The music star, once pelted with missiles by suspected Zanu PF supporters over a song viewed as political, claimed the use of his production in the works of an organisation known for anti-government political satire created an impression that he was a political activist, something that had the effect of damaging his reputation as an apolitical artiste.

In court papers filed through his lawyers, Winky D had said, “The offending work was a socio-political video which was accompanied by and contained a reproduction of the original work. Winky D is an apolitical musician and the thrust of his music is purely entertainment.”


He also said, “The use of the work by Magamba Network has the effect – innocent or otherwise – of suggesting to the public that Chirumiko was aligned to or biased towards a certain political idea or movement which suggestion resulted in persons opposed to the said political idea or movement shunning the plaintiff and his music, leading to reduction of income on the part of the plaintiff.”

But in a statement Thursday, Magamba Network said the matter is now behind the parties.

“This serves to notify our stakeholders, followers, and the general public of the settlement of the case involving copyright infringement between Magamba Network and Winky D,” said Magamba Network.

“Kindly note that the use of Winky D’s musical work known as ‘PARLIAMENT’ by Magamba Network in our weekly show concept entitled, ‘In Case You Missed It’ using the campaign titled ‘#RECONVENEPARLY’ sometime in May 2020 was made in error and the parties have amicably resolved this matter.”


Added Magamba, “Winky D’s musical work known as ‘PARLIAMENT’ is not linked to the Magamba Network and its activities.”

Magamba Network however did not disclose how the musician was placated.

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