Taliban killing innocent children



The Taliban are killing innocent children as they brutally consolidate power, Afghanistan’s former interior minister has claimed.

Masoud Andarabi, who was sacked by the now former Afghan president Ashraf Ghani in March, posted shocking photos on Twitter of people, including a small child, who had allegedly been killed by Taliban fighters.

He claimed that the group, who now control nearly all of Afghanistan after dramatically marching into the capital Kabul last week, ‘are trying to rule over people by terrorizing, killing young children and elderly citizens.’

Andarabi added that the Taliban ‘cannot govern the nation’ using such terror methods.


His warning came a day the main resistance group who are continuing to fight the Taliban furiously denied that their surrender was being negotiated.

Ex-Afghan soldiers – many trained by Western troops – have joined forces with local militia from a base in the Panjshir Valley, north-east of Kabul.

The group is fighting under the banner The National Resistance Front of Afghanistan [NRF] and is led by Sandhurst-trained Ahmad Massoud.

Andarabi added in his tweet: ‘In Andarab, taliban have been carrying out unwarranted searches of homes, capturing people without reason or justification and killing innocent citizens.


‘As a result, people have had to rise against their brutality to protect their lives, honor, dignity and property.’

Andarabi posted the photos after warning in an interview with Indian outlet India Today this week that the resistance to the Taliban’s rule would not go away.

He said: ‘I think there will be backs and pushes and resistance.

‘It shows that if the Taliban do not adjust to today’s Afghanistan, these pocket resistances will keep popping up.

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