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MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has issued an emphatic declaration his party shall rule Zimbabwe, contrary to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s dismissive vows last week the poll victory registered by Zambia’s main opposition leader shall never be repeated in Zimbabwe.

Chamisa made his own vows in a self-recorded video image he took together with one of his deputies Tendai Biti Monday, moments before take-off on an Emirates jet to Zambia where he is set to attend Zambia President-Elect Hakainde Hichilema’s inauguration as the neighbouring country’s seventh successive leader.

“Forget those who say ‘mukai munamate, mukai mubike sadza’, aiwa, we are going to get there,” Chamisa said in a video he later shared on social media.

“We have to do it, it is for our parents, it’s for our children, it’s for our relatives, it’s for our future, it’s for the young ones, it’s for us, professionals, doctors, lawyers, accountants, workers across the board; yes our drivers, security guards, you need a better future and that life is coming. That’s why we are going to Zambia.”


The opposition leader said his party shall draw inspiration from the one time veteran Zambian opposition leader with high hopes the winds of change were sweeping across southern Africa.

President Mnangagwa declared last week that the ascension to an opposition leader’s poll victory which happened in Zambia cannot be replicated in Zimbabwe.

Mnangagwa said “Ukarota zvaitika kuZambia zvaitika muZimbabwe muka ubike doro”.

The Zimbabwean incumbent was officially commissioning the first-ever Zimbabwe Oxygen Plant in Mutare.







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