Govt officials too busy to loot – Mangwana


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Government spokesperson Nick Mangwana Friday set the cat among the pigeons through claims Zimbabwean authorities were too busy to loot as they were preoccupied with acquiring vaccines, capacitating the police and building roads.

Mangwana made the sarcastic remarks in a tweet he accompanied with Friday’s vaccine deliveries at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport.

“Over a million doses of vaccines were received between yesterday and today. Now let’s get this straight; We are building factories and roads, we are capacitating police and hospitals, we are buying vaccines for cash.

“And someone still believes we are looting? Ichibvepi?”


The claims were enough to stir a hornet’s nest as some Twitter users felt were quick to harangue him for attempts to cover up for a system that reeks of massive corruption.


Said one @omapani in his reply to Mangwana, “don’t tell us what you building and buying. We will experience it when we walk the roads and go to hospitals, schools and other government institutions.”

@Jnrhop asked the Information Ministry permanent secretary if looted funds by former public service minister Prisca Mupfumira were returned.

@chikonaz44 felt by claiming that government was equipping the police, it was in fact trying to arm the country’s law enforcement agency to deal with anti-Zanu PF activists when the country holds its 2023 elections.

But @mkhululidube17 felt if government indeed played its role to bring development into the country, few people would be too concerned with how the country was being run.

“Sir we wish all the best in what is being done take Zim forward, we are genuine zimbos who just want progress and support any gvt of the day, the daily bashing and politicking will be left to politicians, we will do our part in the ballot come 2023. Register to Vote,” said the user.

Zimbabwe is regarded as one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

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