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Zim now has enough car number plates – minister


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Government has imported adequate vehicle number plates to cover the obtaining backlog in the country.

This was revealed in parliament Wednesday by Transport Minister Felix Mhona.

The minister had been asked during parliament’s question and answer session by Hurungwe MP Cecil Kashiri on what is government “policy with regards to driving these cars especially those mushikashikas that carry people but do not have insurance for the passengers”.

Kashiri had linked the continued road carnage to reckless motorists driving cars without registration plates.


In his response, Mhona admitted road accidents were “worrying”, adding “We need to move with speed and correct as a nation.”

“We were witnessing a shortage of number plates, but I am glad to advise the august House that we have now imported adequate number plates that would make sure that we cover the backlog that we have as a nation.

“Going forward, there is also a plan to make sure that these number plates are produced locally.

“This has been a cabinet resolution and we are actually moving with speed so that we start having our number plates locally.


“In the meantime, we have managed to secure number plates that are adequate to cover those cars that do not have number plates,” he said.

The shortage of vehicle number plates to cover the ever-growing vehicle population has been a recurring factor.

Motorists driving on cars without the plates have often been inconvenienced at police roadblocks as operatives take them to task for using vehicles without the plates.

Criminals have taken advantage of the shortage of plates to drive on unregistered vehicles which they use to commit crimes.

Meanwhile, Minister Mhona urged the travelling public to value their lives and stop using mushikashikas.

“…We do not allow people to use mushikashika. A number of accidents that we witness on our major highways are normally caused by these mushikashikas – maWish are problematic.

“I would like to urge the citizenry to say that the life belongs to you.  You need to make sure that you do not board the mushikashikas.”

Mushikashika is a local colloquial term used to refer to small private cars being illegally used as public transport.

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