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We are the real MDC Alliance – MDC-T


By Nkosana Dlamini

Douglas Mwonzora’s MDC-T has declared it is the legitimate leader of the MDC Alliance insisting the group led by Nelson Chamisa was living a lie.

The MDC-T held a National Standing Committee meeting at the former Harvest House, now Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House, where it pledged its continued commitment to the MDC Alliance.

“A report on the MDC-A pact engagements was circulated and the resolutions adopted by the Committee. As the official leader of this Pact, according the August 7, 2016 agreement, the MDC-T assures its partners that it is fully committed to the MDC Alliance,” MDC-T later said in a statement.

Reached for comment, MDC-T spokesperson Witness Dube insisted the party was the genuine leader of MDC Alliance.


He said an MDC Alliance meeting was held recently in which some representatives from Tendai Biti’s PDP and Welshman Ncube’s MDC were represented.

Dube said his position was strengthened by that the Alliance agreement was broached 2017 by late founding party leader Morgan Tsvangirai with an agreement among coalition partners the party which leads the alliance is MDC-T and its president.

The MDC-T spokesperson dismissed wide belief the party led by Chamisa was the genuine MDC Alliance.

“Even if a lie is told a hundred times, it does not become the truth. The fact is that the Alliance is not a party but a pact of seven political parties,” he said.


He added, “The MDC Alliance as an electoral pact did not have a constitution, it does not have organs and meetings are as and when is necessary.”

Asked if this was not a cheeky attempt by the Mwonzora led opposition to throw spanners in the wake of the rival MDC Alliance, Dube said his party’s job is to win power and will not think twice to throw spanners in any competitor’s wake.

“We have no intentions to destabilise anyone except to further our political interests…if it does, then it’s to our advantage because we are competitors.

“We make no apologies for furthering the interests of the pact and MDC-T as a party,” he said.

Chamisa’s MDC Alliance insists the Mwonzora led group is a Zanu PF surrogate propped up to cause confusion within the opposition.

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