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MDC-T and NCA leaders, Douglas Mwonzora and Lovemore Madhuku have invited scathing attack from an unforgiving community of twitter users who took offence in the opposition politicians’ congratulatory messages to Hakainde Hichilema following the veteran Zambian opposition leader’s famous victory in the just-ended poll.

Posting on Twitter Monday, Mwonzora said, “Congratulations to the President-elect of the Republic of Zambia H.E Hichilema Hikainde for your great victory. Yours was a long journey but you never gave up. Special Congratulations to the Zambian people for giving democracy a chance.”

Madhuku, in his own separate message, also said, “Congratulations to @HHichilema for being elected resoundingly as President of Zambia. It is an inspirational victory. All the best Mr President. We have followed your long history in opposition and have drawn a great deal of lessons. Your victory deepens democracy in Africa.”

But that was enough to ignite a volley of insults against the politicians.


Former MDC Alliance, who was recalled as Binga legislator by Mwonzora, said Hichilema’s rise to power “was a long journey & he never sold out”.

Mwonzora, who was granted rights to the MDC empire by the courts after a power wrangle, angered the opposition by enlisting the courts to claim control of the main opposition.

He has used the weapon without restrain to recall dozens of opposition officials elected on an MDC Alliance ticket in the 2018 elections.

Also in apparent reference to Mwonzora, @MDCA_NewZealand said “some are voted by the people & some are put into positions by a Supreme Court & the Regime” while @hurungwefarmer told the politician Hichilema “never sold out the people’s struggle like what you did vaMwonzora”


@drjaytee87 scorned the Nyanga senator for abandoning “the people”.

“What about your journey. He didn’t need Supreme Court to usurp the will of the people, didn’t recall any elected reps, he stood for the people and with the people unlike you,” he said.

@BruceDormice said “While you congratulate Zambians for giving democracy a chance, you have done everything you can to deny Zimbabweans that chance to exercise their democratic rights. Do you even think you politicam for hire?”

@carmenpsbtcoza1 said “Governance is derived from the pple but you busy with recalls being aided by the courts. Zuro ndizuro you called us useless coz poly techink students of politics but we will give you direction chete come election day”.

Madhuku, once a prominent government critic, was also in the line of fire with almost similar accusations hurled at him.

Prince Dubeko Sibanda Hichilema “has no history of supping with the devil. It appears you haven’t learnt anything from him.”

@velile_nkala said “The lesson here is that opposition party do not dine with ruling party, coz it no longer becomes an opposition, you fight your battle till you win, 6 loses but never joined them in disguise as you did with polad, today he is a president, wena you are still an actor.”

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